Our Mission

Betsmart Consulting was founded with a clear objective; to help build a healthy, successful and respected industry for customers to enjoy, confident in the knowledge they’re gambling in a safe and fair environment.

Gambling Compliance Consultant – BetSmart Consulting

This is something we are truly passionate about and achieving it has never been more important, or difficult.

To this end we believe that every stakeholder has a role to play, so we work with lots of different types of companies and individuals, not just gambling operators. We like to see ourselves as a genuine force for good, supporting and guiding our customers along unique journeys.

We have years of coal face operational experience which means our approach to work is always empathetic and inclusive. We also have a deep understanding of how compliance is undertaken across the industry and first-hand knowledge of how regulators operate.

Our mantra at betsmart is that compliance ‘done well’ simply means giving the customer the best possible experience and we aim to embed this philosophy into the heart of everyone we work with.

No task is too big or too small, so please drop us a line to see how we can help.